Tuesday, November 29, 2005

tap tap

Is this thing on?
Now that I'm back ... it's time for crisis knitting ... I have at LEAST 10 projects going! Time to pick one and finish it! damn it! lol
I have to send a few things out of the country, so I guess I should finish those up first ... I have NO idea how long they will take to get there, so I should finish and ship ASAP.
then ... it's our Christmas tree and the sweater I'm making for The Kid's horse ... yes, I said HORSE .. lucky for me we do NOT have a real horse (not my her choice) and It's only for one of her many stuffed ones.
I'm going to Stitch n' Bitch tonight .. it's been a LONG time! I have missed being there and will be happy to get back!
I'm also working on designing another tattoo ....