Thursday, July 28, 2005


Sometimes I have to wonder if i rip out more than what I knit.

Monday, July 25, 2005

From Yarn Diet to Christmas

No .. I do not need to restrict my yarn intake, however *I* do need to restrict my FOOD intake ... so .. this week I'll be knitting when I want to be snacking.
I should get quite a bit done :)
And, I have about a zillion UNFINISHED projects laying around here that are driving me batty. I made a bag for a friend's birthday (last month) and I'm STILL Not done w/ it. I'm done w/ all the yarn work AND the sewing work, however I ordered a handle over 2 months ago and it's still not in :( pout. I just hope she doesn't hate me.
I also started a granny square skirt for my 6 year old, after completing about 40 mini squares she informs me that it is "weird" OK ... yes, it IS weird .. That's why it's cool! She doesn't see it the same way. I think I'll end up making the squares into a tree skirt.
Speaking of tree skirt, my Christmas tree is U G L Y ... yep .. It's horrible. This year I have sworn that I will ONLY have hand made ornaments. I'm trying to get some of my crafty friends together for an ornament exchange :) ... we will see how that goes. I have a yahoo group set up ... I just need to start inviting people.
If your local and would like to join up :) let me know at Right now there are only 2 'rules' and I would like to keep it that way. All ornaments MUST be hand made, knitting, sewing, ANYTHING :) and there is a minimum requirement of 4 with a maximum of 10, remember the more you give the more you get :) They do not have to be all the same or they can be, it's totally up to you :)
We will meet up the week before thanksgiving at a local location that will be announced asap.

Monday, July 18, 2005

IPOD case and card wallet, open.  Posted by Picasa

IPOD case and card wallet Posted by Picasa

Card Holder. Knitted w/ 100% wool and felted. Posted by Picasa

IPOD case, knitted w/ 100% wool dyed w/ kool aid. Posted by Picasa